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The State of Healthcare | Dev&Doc #08

The State of Healthcare | Dev&Doc #08

7.5 Million patients are on waiting lists in the UK, and the rest of the world is not much better.

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🎙️ Podcast Highlights

  • Personal Perspective: A firsthand account of the current state and challenges in healthcare.

  • Impact of COVID-19: Did the pandemic really bring significant changes in healthcare practices?

  • The NHS Challenge: Addressing the staggering elective waiting list, now at 7.7 million patients.

  • Data Dilemmas: The issue of 'ghost patients' and its implications for healthcare data management.

  • Self-Diagnosis and Tech: The growing trend of patients using tools like LLMs and ChatGPT for self-diagnosis.

  • Exploring Symptoms: The necessity of thorough symptom analysis in modern healthcare.

  • Future Directions: Contemplating the next steps and potential advancements in healthcare.

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