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A Blueprint for De-identification of Patient Records | Dev&Doc #09

A Blueprint for De-identification of Patient Records | Dev&Doc #09

How to deploy large language models to de-identify patient records and enable research and commercial use.

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🎙️ Podcast Highlights

  • Introduction: An in-depth exploration of the challenges and solutions in de-identifying hospital records.

  • De-identification Approaches: Discussing various strategies used in the anonymization of hospital data.

  • NER Episode Card: Insight into Named Entity Recognition (NER) and its applications in this context.

  • Over-Redaction Issues: The problems associated with excessive anonymization and data loss.

  • Building High Recall Models: Sharing experiences in creating models with over 99% recall.

  • The Art of Annotations: Strategies for developing high-performing models through effective annotation.

  • Dev and Docs Annotation Method: Exploring the annotation methodology proposed by Zeljko et al.

  • Performance in New Environments: Ensuring model efficacy in different hospitals or healthcare settings.

  • Looking to the Future: Anticipating future developments and challenges in this field.

  • Synthetic Data: The role and potential of synthetic data in improving and testing de-identification methods.

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