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Conversations on safety and risks of AI models | Dev&Doc #07

Conversations on safety and risks of AI models | Dev&Doc #07

AI safety summit 2023

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🎙️ Podcast Highlights

  • AI Safety Defined: Exploring the essence of AI safety, its importance, and why everyone should care.

  • AI Safety Summit: Emphasis on responsible scaling. How can AI grow without compromising safety?

  • Implications for AI Researchers: The crucial question - when is it time to pause and evaluate the trajectory of research? Answer being, Never

  • Yann Lecun's Perspective: A critical view suggesting that merely scaling transformer architectures won't result in AGI (Artificial General Intelligence).

  • Strategies for AI Safety: Delving into model evaluation, the role of red teams, and ethical hackers in ensuring robust and safe AI systems.

  • Google's Data Hegemony: A candid talk on the vast amounts of user data Google has and its implications.

  • Research Gap: A call to action highlighting the insufficient research dedicated to AI safety.

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